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why mockups by glue

People are reading less and less every year. The reason why is because 85% of the world's population are considered as a "visual persons"! Read make them feel bored. The information and messages needs to be clear, interesting, short, and fun

Thinking outside of the box for creative ideas  is one of our biggest strengths. Ask for a concept and let us surprise you with what we can come up to you! If you already have an idea and you’re looking for a high skilled team to accomplish your vision, please, you’re always welcome to contact us!

So why choose Glue Promotions? We understand the importance of the design and the high influence that it can reach within the mind of the persons. Our high skilled design team, will make up a creative and customized design fitting your needs and visions.

How can we help?

Design is everything around us, and this is more important than many people realize! It defines who we are, what we stand for, or where we wanna go and it shows, as well, the vision that your company wants to communicate to your costumers and potencial clients. Everyday you make decisions based on design and communication. For example, you buy a new product, doesn't matter what it is, how do you choose for it? A large part of it is based on the design, and how it makes you feel, this is done by your sub-conscience.  If you're curious with our work or want to get inspired, ask for our design portfolio and watch what we can do for you!


WE create for clients

  product mockups

  website mockups

  content for webpage

  story boards

  images for marketing

  custom photo editing

  advertising mockups


  app mockups






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